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This Diploma program is designed for students who intend to be ordained for ministry as Church Planters or Missionaries.
It is also meant for serving pastors who are desirous of being equipped with skills and knowledge for growing and multiplying their churches. ​


In order to qualify for the award of the Diploma in Missions, the student must have completed the Basic Certificate in Christian Counseling and the courses for the Certificate of Christian Leadership, in addition to Six Residency Courses outlined below. 


Additional Residency Courses:


Dip101/ Church Sacraments & Ordinances

Dip 102/ Preaching Praxis

Dip 103/ Church and Society

Dip 105/ Tent Making Course

HTH 210/  Pastoral Care

MISS 201/  Missions 


These Residency courses are offered on-site by our qualified team of E-Professors and visiting instructors through week long intensive Seminars, twice per year. It offers the students the opportunity to connect with the teachers at a deeper personal level and to ask practical questions related to their ministerial needs.