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Renee Langford

Renee Langford

LEMA Institute

Mission Administrator


Through the exciting nature of the objective of LEMA, the Lord has produced in me a passion for missions and a desire to visit Africa someday. It is this passion, through the prompting of Holy Spirit and a desire to be obedient to God, which has led me to serve in LEMA.


My main objective during my upcoming mission trip to Nigeria is to advise our students, pastors' wives, and local leaders of basic first-aid and first responder emergency procedures that may potentially save lives. These lessons will include topics such as wound care, assessment of serious medical emergencies such as stroke or heart attack and when to seek treatment by a physician.


As well as teaching the medical training classes, I will be meeting with the administrative team in Nigeria in order to ensure clear communication and knowledge of the work done in both locations to better serve the institute and our students.



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"Because, no one knew what to do in that emergency, he died on the way to the hospital.


Many Africans die due to lack of trained personnel in the communities with knowledge of what to do in response to a health emergency"

Rev. Joshua Amaezechi tells the story of how his cousin was involved in a Motorcycle accident...