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"Boys Don't Get Pregnant But Men Do"

by Joshua Amaezechi

Cynthia, Mel and Lucy are popular names at New Borough High School. Cynthia is often ridiculed for her large size, but this weakness becomes her strength and motivation. Mel is notorious for luring the girls to bed. Lucy is one girl who does not fall for Mel, and she tells her mates what her mother taught her--that boys want sex but not responsibility.


Irvine thinks that pregnancy is no problem for a student; for him abortion is OK.  Joshua disputes Irvine's views. Stanley is infected with AIDS. Irvine is found dead after a drug shootout in the neighborhood.

Lucy builds on her mother's teachings about sex and responsibility by attending a seminar on dating. There Rev. Morgan convinces her of another truth about sex: "Boys do not get pregnant, but men do." You too will be convinced.

In this book, Joshua Amaezechi uses stories blended with humor to answer questions that young people ask, some of which parents are often shy to answer or discuss. Such issues as sex before marriage, abortion, dating and alcoholism are addressed in a way that is practical, honest and not intimidating.

Whether you are a boy or girl, parent or single adult, you will find this book very useful, informative and entertaining too.


Read and enjoy.

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