Help Build a Classroom

The Lord recently blessed LEMA with a gift...

...of a complete library of 27,000 volumes to set up a community library at Mbitoli, Nigeria. Then, through a book-drive, we raised an additional 3000 volumes so that the library will not only serve the LEMA seminary community but also the 200,000 residents of Mbaitoli who at this time have no public library. The library has been shipped and will be arriving in Nigeria before the end of this month.

With the joy of this gift also came the challenge of finding a building to put it in. We decided to renovate the LEMA Chapel which was used as a classroom so that part of it can serve as a temporary library until the permanent library building is built.  The removal of the roof revealed that the walls and foundations of the chapel had been badly damaged due to many roof leakages. Both the site engineer and the builder stated that the building is unsafe for renovation and recommend that it be demolished.

As we write, the demolition is going on. What this means is that we now have neither the chapel nor the large classroom for LEMA students which it previously offered. Thankfully, we can finish a brand new classroom block for $30,000 while the students are on vacation.

Architects Drawings of New

LEMA Classroom Building

(front & back)

Two of the six classrooms will temporarily house the library until the library building is done. We need your urgent help to build this classroom block. Please partner with us and help build a classroom!

Thank you for
your kind generosity!

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LEMA (Leadership Education Mission for Africa), is a 501 (c) 3 NON-PROFIT organization. Your donation is tax deductible.