Kingdom Prayer Partners (KPP) is a body of Christians from diverse congregations around the world committed to regular prayer support for LEMA, its missions,schools,students,professors and church plants. The KPP understands that qualitative ministry education for christian leadership in Africa and African Immigrant pastors  would have a world-wide impact on the spreading of the gospel and the sustenance of authentic Christianity around the globe. Do you want to read about the reasons for LEMA, follow the link- Why LEMA?

Jim Klang 

C0-Team Leader

I was raised in Colorado by a wonderful mother and father, our family attended United Methodist Churches as we moved throughout towns in Colorado following my father’s career advancements. I was baptized as an infant in Brighton, confirmed in Greeley and dropped out of the Church in Fort Collins due to my own arrogance and set of lies and flawed assumptions. I still believed in the Father, Son and Holy Ghost but wrongly thought the Golden Rule was all I needed.  I did not understand many of the lessons Christ offered me about the true power of God or the depth of His love. 

It wasn’t until later when I was in my early twenties, living in Louisiana with my wife, that I began to understand life has a bigger purpose than my success or happiness.  In Louisiana we added a son to our family and later moved to Minnesota to be closer to my wife’s family.  However, during this same time, unexpected health situation undermined our marriage severely, leading to a separation with my wife. This was the time in my life, where my choices, their consequences and uncontrollable difficulties broke my arrogance, and humbled my heart.  Thus, the invite from an aunt and uncle to attend Lord of Life Lutheran Church in Ramsey, Minnesota was a life saver. This was the church where I found my personal relationship with my Lord and savior, Jesus Christ. His faithful love, and the body of Christ brought me back into His arms. I realized He is ever faithful and keeps His promises according to His plan, not mine.  It was through this painful journey that as an adult, humbled, I got down on my knees and claimed Christ as my savior, King and Lord.  I now understand He died for my sins, was raised and sits at the right hand of the Father.  It is only through His sacrifice, resurrection and His mercy and grace that I can pray to, talk with, Jesus and the Father in heaven with the Holy Spirit.

It is this grace that allowed me to raise my son as a single father for nine years, and provided the spiritual growth to be able to serve on the Church Council at Lord of Life.  My spiritual walk continues to grow, and does our family. It is this grace that led me to my wonderful wife almost a decade later. My wife, Jen and I are blessed with three children.  As we have moved, we have found great churches that keep me grounded in the Word.  After our last move within Minnesota I was again fortunate enough to serve on the Church Council for Living Waters Lutheran Church in Lino Lakes.  

Four of us are now living in Michigan. My wife, daughter and I attend North Point Church in Plainwell, where I still am learning the depth of God’s love and faithfulness.  Verses in the Bible like James 5:13-16 and Matthew 18:19 now speak into me daily.  God always answers our prayers, according to His plan, not mine or yours.  It was at North Point Church in Men’s Group that I first meet Pastor Joshua Amaezechi and learned about LEMA.  I watched with awe as God led these faithful servants through many blessings and challenges.  When Pastor Joshua asked me to serve on the Kingdom Prayer Partner team, I humbly accepted, knowing that God has big plans to advance LEMA and I want to be a part of His work. I fully realize that through these works He has plans to change my life yet again.

Chris Kelsey

 Co-Team Leader

I grew up in a loving family, Mom, Dad, Grandmother and two brothers. I did not however, grow up in a church. We did have a limited exposure to the local Methodist church when we were younger, but it was very sporadic and really did not appeal to us as kids. It would be many years later that I had my first “real” exposure to the church and God. I was in my mid twenties at that time. This only lasted a short time, and it was a horrible experience. So, my wife and I were very hesitant to try this again.

Now, many more years later, after living 50+ years “my way”, my life changed. My wife had been feeling like it was time to try a church again. We attended a funeral of a close friend, and as we listened to the Pastor doing the eulogy, we looked at each other and said “he is the Pastor of the church we are to attend”. This was in the summer of 2014. We attended our first service that very next Sunday, and knew then, this was the place for us.

In March of 2015, during a sermon on “I give up”, I was overcome with the emotion and realization of how broken I was, and that my life up to this point was lived as a lie, that I was in charge of my life. This realization broke me to the core. I knew my life would never be the same, Thanks be to God! I was baptized in April 2015 and we became members of North Point Church in May. In my short new life as a Christian, God has changed and transformed me so much; I don’t recognize the person I used to be. Life has not been easy in these past few years, going thru heart aches and job loss, but God has been faithful and has provided for our every need. I, along with my wife now lead the North Point Prayer Ministry. I also help to facilitate our Men’s Group, as well as a part of Tuesday morning prayer time at church.

My wife Lynne and I now enjoy retirement. We have been married for 42 years and have 2 children, and 8 grandchildren.

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