Kingdom Prayer Partners (KPP) is the prayer arm of LEMA; a body of Christians from diverse congregations around the world committed to regular prayer support for LEMA, its missions, schools, students, professors and church plants. The KPP understands that qualitative ministry education for Christian leadership in Africa and African Immigrant pastors  would have a world-wide impact on the spreading of the gospel and the sustenance of authentic Christianity around the globe.

PRAYER SCHEDULE: KPP meets every other Friday for prayers at the LEMA Office Building.          You are invited!

NEED PRAYERS? CALL 269.694.1588

Do you want to read about the reasons for LEMA, follow the link- Why LEMA?

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Prayer Mobilizer

I was born and raised going to church.  I was blessed with a mother of strong faith that was determined to make sure her kids knew Jesus!  Every Sunday we went to Knollwood Christian Reformed Church (now Heritage CRC) to both services.  I attended the Kalamazoo Christian School from kindergarten through graduation.  My years of growing up built a firm foundation for me to grow my faith on.  However, it wasn’t until I was 35 years old that I actually started to build on that foundation!  My faith was always there and was very real I just wasn’t doing anything with it.  In 2006 that all changed when I reluctantly agreed to go on a mission trip to Louisiana with the high school youth from Centerpoint Church.  I didn’t realize it at the time that I was actually being obedient to the leading of the holy spirit.  I went on the mission trip not wanting to have anything to do with the kids.  I ended up having a number of incredible experiences throughout the week, but it was the night of our return trip home that changed me forever.  We stopped in Missouri for the night and stayed at a small church.  For some reason I was one of three men chosen to sit down with a young man that had been nothing but trouble that entire week.  The conversation went from “what’s going on with you? Why are you acting this way?”  to, “Have you ever really given yourself over to Jesus?”  That’s when the unexpected happened.  This young man looked us directly in the eyes and said, “No, but I want to right now!!”  wait, what?!?  How is it possible that I am here and get to play even the smallest of parts in this?  I got to witness a life change!  Later that night I sat by myself with puddles of tears at my feet because I realized how much God loves me. I was overwhelmed by his grace and mercy!  It was at that point that I decided to dive into an ACTIVE life of faith. The last 15 years have been a rollercoaster ride.  Eight years as a High School youth leader at Centerpoint.  Serving on prayer teams at Centerpoint, The Bridge, and The Living Well.  Being on the Board at the Kalamazoo Prayer Clinic.  Leading men’s bible studies at Centerpoint and The Bridge.  Now, I am leading the Men’s Ministry at The Living Well and I’m a part of LEMA and The Kingdom Prayer Partners.  Those are some of the highlights.  Unfortunately, there has been dry seasons in my journey.  I have faced trials and battles.  There has also been plenty of failures, but through it all God has always been true and has always been with me.  There will be more highs and lows, but the love of the father, the power of Jesus, and the help of the Holy Spirit always has and always will sustain me.  May God be praised and glorified in what’s to come.

KPP Advisory Team


The KPP Advisory Team meets to pray for LEMA Ministries every Friday. They maintain an attitude and heart of prayer during the rest of the days.