Computerized Study Center (CSC)

At the hub of learning at LEMA is the Computerized Study Centers (CSC). The CSC is a study center with 24/7 internet access and many work stations where our students will go to do their online classes.


Each CSC is being designed with an electronic library with over 100,000 books and magazines. The CSC is a place of research for our professors and instructors as well.

The CSC is necessary since most pastors and students in Africa cannot afford private laptops and internet access. The lack of or unreliable nature of public power supply makes the CSC a reliable place where electricity is available 24/7 for their studies.

Can you imagine the positive impact our training would have on the peoples and communities of Africa when leaders are well trained and equipped to be financially independent?


Presently, we are building a CSC in Nigeria. Our goal is to have one CSC in every country of Africa.






contact Rev.  Joshua Amaezechi at the link below to see how you can help start another Computerized Study Center in an African country of your choice.