CLEAR Conference 2021

         (January 18 - January 22 )

CLEAR -Christian Leadership Education for Africa Revival Conferences are designed for pastors, Evangelists and ministry leaders who want to upgrade their knowledge in different areas of contemporary ministry need. The 2021 CLEAR Conference will feature experienced pastors, theologians and scholars around the world. Register Now!

         Why LEMA Theological Seminary (LEMATS)?

Christianity is exploding in Africa.
The lack of opportunities for higher education have left the church with many untrained leaders. It is believed that more than 70% of ministry leaders in Africa do not have any formal ministry training.


Without knowledge of God’s Word and a biblically trained leader to guide them,    it is difficult for African Christians to live faithfully in the midst of political            instability, poverty, and trauma. This leaves many churches vulnerable to corruption, false teachings, and ungodly worship practices.


Furthermore, the ethics of ministry in   Africa  remains at its lowest ebb. The cumulative result is that even while the  African church is growing in number, it has not activated its full potential for sending missionaries to the world.


The LEMA Theological Seminary, (LEMATS), a ministry of the LEMA Institute is established to address these needs by providing innovative education opportunities that train and equip pastors and ministry leaders to know God’s Word, to serve God’s people well and to lead   others to Christ.


Our goal at LEMA Theological Seminary is to maintain high academic standards by promoting excellence in teaching and learning.  

 In addition to ensuring appropriate standards are kept, the academic board facilitates free intellectual inquiry and ensure a culture of scholarship and academic integrity at LEMATS. The Academic Board will make recommendations on the development and accreditation of higher education courses, the admission of students (including prizes, awards and scholarships), teaching, assessment and requirements for graduation. Additional responsibilities will be to formulate, coordinate and review academic policy, procedures and guidelines within LEMATS, as well as advises the board of trustees on the academic aspects of LEMATS's strategic, operational and risk management plans. Finally, the Academic Board fosters discourse on issues related to higher education and LEMATS’s vision and goals. 

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