4 More Things a Christian Can Do to Help End RACISM in the CHURCH

Four more things you, as a Christian, can do to help end racism in the church continued...

5. Be prepared to take risks for Christ – A church Hiring committee once turned down the person they believed was most qualified for a position because they feared that hiring him would result to some of their members leaving.

What does Jesus think about this?

This raises the questions about what the church is and who is the lord (owner) of the church? Is it the powerful families or the Lord Jesus Christ? I believe that the reason many churches are struggling and many are dying is that they have placed Jesus second in their operations, making the kingdom of our God into the kingdoms of men. My prayer is that we reverse this trend and give Jesus back His churches.

6. Fight the battle of faith- Racism is a spiritual battle. Evil and unclean spirits are at work in promoting Racism. To fight them, we have to be rooted in Christ, imbibing the attitude of forgiveness and seeking genuine reconciliation.

A divided church is an anvil for forging all kinds of corporate sins including systemic Racism. The Lord has given the church three weapons against Racism – Prayer, Forgiveness and Repentance. The three ought to be used together for optimal assault on the enemy.

7. Discuss Racism in small groups and ask your pastor to preach about it from time to time – Do not say that your church does not have the Racism problem just because your church is homogeneous. The truth is that you have the problem and the homogeneity of your church is probably the evidence of it. So, talk about it and the danger it poses to our faith community.

Note that some of your young members may not be in your community or even your State in the next decade. So, prepare them to be men and women of God, fully trained to honor and love people of all races. If you need to “import” worshipers or youth of other races into your church, to further racial understanding or remove unhealthy stereotyping, please do so.

8. Finally, learn to love and learn. Be a good listener and be ready to learn from another other than people that look like you. Appreciate all cultures as beneficial and be willing to learn why people do what they do rather than criticize out of ignorance.

You cannot rightly claim that your culture is different from another person’s culture when you know nothing about that person’s culture. The first step is to learn. Armed with good knowledge of both cultures, you will be in a good position to forge common grounds that glorify God.

Racism is strong but Love is stronger.

God is love!

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