On Ash Wednesday, Christians of different denominations and traditions began a 40 day journey of remembrance and spiritual revival known as the Lent. We remember who the Lord was and is to us. We remember his journey into Jerusalem, his triumphant entry and his humiliation for us. We remember his sacrificial love and death on the cross. We not only remember his humiliation and death but we also remember his resurrection, his victory over death and the powers of darkness.

As we journey with Christ through these 40 days of remembrance, we pray that every Christian may reflect on whom we were before Jesus came- lost in the darkness of sin and unprofitable to God; and who Jesus was before he came to earth, holy God, perfectly righteous, majestic in power and glorious light. May this reflection cause His light in us to shine in the dark places of this world beginning from our immediate spheres of influence to the ends of the earth.

We pray that his sacrificial love may spur in us a willingness and a passion to serve others, to be present in the world of the unsaved just as He was present in our dark world and caused His light to shine on us.

We pray that this 40 days of remembrance will deepen our love for Him, our love for the people He loves and our love for the things He loved.

May we be strengthened in faith, love and hope so that our hearts will resonate with his heart, giving up our earthly thrones and striving earnestly to be one in Him just as He is one with the father, promoting the bond of peace and unity of His church in accordance with His will. Amen!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Rev Joshua Amaezechi, an ordained Minister in the Christian Reformed Church of North America (CRCNA), is the President of the LEMA Institute. He works as the Lead Chaplain at the Kalamazoo County Jail, Michigan through the Forgotten Man Ministries.

The opinions and comments expressed in this blog are exclusively that of the author.The LEMA Institute or its Board and faculty is not responsible for any aspects of the information supplied by the blogger.

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