LEMA Institute Graduates Inaugural Class

The inaugural graduates of the LEMA Institute (Leadership Education Mission For Africa) are ready to make their mark, armed with pastoral training, and advanced biblical knowledge to better serve their congregations and their communities.

There were 29 students in this inaugural class. The Graduation ceremony was held on LEMA’s campus in Mbaitoli, Nigeria on September, 2018.

LEMA Board members Joshua Amaezechi, Dave Glas, and Ruth Veltkamp were in attendance. Also Nkem Ekeopara, Associate Director of One Degree Foundation; and Dr David Fachano, from Veenstra Reformed Seminary, Donga.

Professor Ruth Veltkamp spoke.

Graduation does not mean graduation from learning. Rather it means that we have learned how to keep learning for the rest of our lives—even into eternity! So on this day of graduation, we take courage in God’s promise to be with us. Because of God’s Presence with us, we will become leaders with a difference.

LEMA Board Chair, Reverend Paul Larbode’s speech was read on his behalf by the Director of Administration, Elder Dave Glas:

LEMA Institute, its board members, and faculty exhort you to faithfully follow these biblical commands. Prayerfully ask God for wisdom as you carry out this high calling. Keep your eyes on the future glory that will be revealed when Christ returns. Press on towards the day when we will see people from every nation, people, tribe, and tongue standing before the throne wearing white robes worshipping the Lord together (Rev.7:9). Towards that day, I call you to nourish Christ’s church until He returns.

Following the award of certificates in Christian Leadership, the students offered a drama of feet washing as a demonstration of the readiness to offer servant leadership as commanded by the Lord.

In his post inaugural address to the students, Joshua Amaezechi, the President of LEMA, admonished the students to imbibe what he called the three Ps for Godly living – 1) Be Present with the Lord as He is always present with you, 2) Be Prayerful, praying without season and 3) Be Productive, daily abiding in Christ so that you may bear great fruit.

Student Union President, Ralph Umunna, speaking on behalf of the LEMA students commended the Institute for providing them a path for their growth in the knowledge of God’s word and the practice of ministry.

Through the LEMA vision and the exemplary teachings we received, we have been prepared to be better leaders in our churches and communities. We thank you and we thank God. – Ralph Umunna

Flanked by his Vice President, Obioma Favor and members of the Student Senate, he gave an award of excellence to Rev Joshua Amaezechi, Elder Dave Glas and Rev Dr David Fachano for their contributions to the ministry.

LEMA offers a two-year course leading to the award of Certificate in Christian Leadership and three-year courses leading to the award of Diploma in Christian Leadership, Diploma in Missions or Diploma in Christian Counselling.


LEMA exists to train and equip Christian leaders in Africa with resources necessary for a biblical, financially independent ministry. At LEMA, you would learn both the theology and practice of ministry as well as such courses as Christian Leadership, Christian Worldview, Bible Survey, Biblical Interpretation, Preaching, Christian Education, Seminars, workshops, and conferences. Our Tent Making Program enables our students to combine theological ministry education with preparation for self-employment and bi-vocational ministry. Our unique curriculum is meant to prepare students for flourishing and God honoring ministries in their communities.







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