LEMA Institute Plans to Provide Nigerian Community with Books

In an effort to better serve its pastoral students, and the community of Mbaitoli, Nigeria, LEMA (Leadership Education Mission for Africa) Institute has announced a book drive to take place in January and February of this year.

The Mbaitoli community, with a population of 200,000, does not have a functional library. Lack of books remain an obstacle to the expected educational development aimed at improving public well being and reducing poverty. In addition, pastors who are working toward their certificate in Christians Leadership or diplomas in Christian Leadership, Mission, and Christian Counseling will have the resources needed to complete their education at the institute.

LEMA recently received a 25,000 volume theological library from the Vine Institute (formerly SLC Theological Seminary).

Joshua Amaezechi, LEMA President, had the following to say about this sizable donation:

"This donation represents the Lord's answer to the prayers of LEMA pastoral students for a standard Library. With this Library in place, their readership and knowledge will be broadened, equipping them to be better informed preachers and ministry leaders. In addition, more than 100,000 elementary school kids in the Mbaitoli community can frequent a functional library.

I grew up in Mbaitoli and completed both primary and secondary education without access to a library. I can say with certainty that that my fourth grader son who attends public school in Plainwell, Michigan has read more extra-curricular books than I did throughout my elementary and middle school. I am thankful and excited that the younger generation of school children in Mbaitoli will have access to this library, and their experiences will be an improvement on mine."

LEMA student and her children present Institute with a gift.

LEMA student and her children present the institute with a gift.

There are two ways individuals can participate in the book drive:

1) Donations of books from personal library

Science Fiction books, Science and Technology books, Science text books for Middle and High School Students, books in Agricultural and technical Trades – carpentry, plumbing, electrical installation, computer repairs, Masonry etc. New or used books in decent condition are accepted. Contact the LEMA office about drop-off locations for donated books.

Rev. Amaezechi explains the importance of these books:

"These books will be found useful by students in elementary, middle and high schools, including students of trade and vocational schools. When fully furnished, anyone desirous of knowledge irrespective of age or gender would find the library a great resource for learning."

2) Donate money for the purchase of books from locally in Nigeria

This second option would save us the cost of shipping overseas as well as provide support for local book sellers in Nigeria. A $10 donation will buy one book. A $20; $50 or $100 donation would buy even more. Join us to improve education and alleviate poverty. Donate at our website www.lemainstitute.org/donate.

The book drive runs from now to the end of February, with plans to ship the books in the spring. Please contact Traci Rhoades at bookdrive@lemainstitute.org, or Jane Glas at office@lemainstitute.org with any questions for for further information.


LEMA exists to train and equip Christian leaders in Africa with resources necessary for a biblical, financially independent ministry. At LEMA, you would learn both the theology and practice of ministry as well as such courses as Christian Leadership, Christian Worldview, Bible Survey, Biblical Interpretation, Preaching, Christian Education, Seminars, workshops, and conferences. Our Tent Making Program enables our students to combine theological ministry education with preparation for self-employment and bi-vocational ministry. Our unique curriculum is meant to prepare students for flourishing and God honoring ministries in their communities.







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