Student Scholarships

Scholarships are merit and need based. In order to qualify, the student must have successfully completed one year of academic study with LEMA Institute. Sponsorships are need based and can enable a student enroll for training.   


Scholarship awarded to a student will be applied towards the student’s Technology Support Fee and general programming of the Institute.


You can sponsor a student for  $400 per year ($35/month), establish a yearly Scholarship for $400 per award and or ongoing “Honor”  or Named scholarships.


Certificate in Christian Leadership Student

(2 year program)

$400 per year



Diploma in Christian Leadership & Missions Student

(3 year program)

$400 per year



You can name a scholarship after your family member or
Missionary in honor of his/her impact on your life or
his/her service in the Kingdom of God.

“Honor Scholarships” are $400 annually for both Certificate and Diploma Student. A Diploma Student benefits from an “Honor Scholarship” once while a Certificate Student may seek further Scholarship if proceeding for a Diploma.


"The John Smith Scholarship"

Your responsibility under this scholarship option:

The annual payment for this scholarship is

$400 per year

We would also like to provide you with
options for ensuring that this scholarship
will be sustainable.

If you would like to customize your

scholarship gift for long term sustainability,

please contact: 

Rev. Joshua Amaezechi at


Dave Glas at

Please complete the form below and submit your gift.

We will contact you soon regarding your "Honor" Scholarship.








If you would like to mail your payment instead:

1. Submit your form here or mail form info.

2. Make your check payable to LEMA Institute

3. Mail to LEMA Institute

                   P.O. Box 143 Plainwell

                   MI 49080


(Leadership Education Mission for Africa), is a 501 (c) 3 NON-PROFIT organization.

Your donation is tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

With your gift of $50 or more

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